Sinai Peninsula

Sinai Peninsula

Sinai territory connects Asia to Africa and throughout history formed an important crossroads, but its southern areas were less accessible and long unexplored. Today, luxury resorts and malls grow directly adjacent to the Bedouin settlements.

Planet Fan Club

Many clients are coming back to Planet, many of them likes Dahab and our center's atmosphere, many has been on a liveaboard safari or other diving trips with us. They have become more friends than clients. We have decided to create a special benefits for them.

Planet Fan Club

What benefits for Planet Fans?

(All benefits apply for those travelling alone, with the instructor or with their diving club)
1. Discount 5% for diving packages, courses and safaris
2. Discount on gases for Tech-Fan members.
3. Diving on enriched air - nitrox - cheaper, longer and safer!
For divers without Nitrox licence we offer 5% discount on Nitrox Diver course.
4. Receives our Planet News: about Planet and Dahab and special offers (maximum every 3-4 months) .
5. Receives in advance special Last Minute offers.
6. Your family (partner, children) can receive the same benefits as the Planet Fan Club member, even if they are diving with Planet for the first time.
8. Receives a free Planet t-shirt or other diving goodies.

How can you become a Planet Fan - member of Planet Fan Club

1. Come to Dahab and dive with Planet Divers again!
Every diver can be treated as a Plnet Fan Club member from the second visit to Planet Divers. In case that we will be unable to find you on our clients list all you will have to do is provide any evidence of your visit: log-book, diving licence, e-mail correspondence or few details of your last visit.
2. Get your specialty Nitrox Diver. 
You can finish Nitrox Course with your instructor or with Planet.
3. Use nitrox for all your dives with us.
Exception: first check dive, diving in The Islands to 16m, deep diving to 40m .
4. Sign up for our Planet Fan Club mailing list (you can sign out at any time).
5. Obey diving health and safety rules..
6. Look after marine environment and protect coral reef.


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