Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Sinai coast of Aquaba Bay offers excellent conditions for diving. Coral reefs are along all the coast. Most diving sites are possible enter just from the beach and you will find beautiful coral garden, incredible walls, caves and canyons.

Dahab Dive Sites

List of all dive sites around Dahab from Ras Mamlah on the North until Nabq on the South. Site ratings from * to *****.

1. RAS MAMLACH *****
A rocky cape with many coral covered rock formations and small canyons. One enters through a sandy lagoon where it is quite common to see big rays. This site is rarely visited by divers and as such enjoys a greater number of larger fish like Barracuda, Grouper and large Napoleon fish. Further south there is an extensive and dangerous underwater cave system.

Reached only by camel, Ras Abu Gallum is a sandy cape with two Bedouin villages and many dive sites. As a protected area, one can easily relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet. It is possible to stay overnight and partake in some genuine Bedouin hospitality.

3. THE BELLS *****
A beautiful array of soft corals growing under overhangs and in caverns in the crystal clear water. A short walk past the famous "Blue Hole" rewards every diver with an exciting and easy entrance through a small arched fissure to this enjoyable dive site.

4. BLUE HOLE ***** >
This notorious site is essentially a one hundred meter cylindrical abyss only five meters offshore. Its gigantic arch at 70 meters opens through the outer coral wall and into the open sea.

5. RICK`S REEF ***
This site is normally the start of the drift dive south towards the Canyon. Rick's Reef itself is composed of a small wall dropping roughly 5 meters to a rocky slope out of which mostly hard coral grows. Similar fauna to the Canyon's coral garden.

6. CANYON ***** 
personal favorite of many of Dahab's Divemasters, the Canyon is an underwater crevasse that begins at around 15 meters in a coral dome inhabited by hundreds (1001) glass fish and extends downward through closed and open sections to approximately 50 meters.
The beautiful coral gardens right of the Canyon. At a depth of 20 m drop off - rich coral wall drops to depths.

7. ABU TALHA (The Huts) ****
An exceptional collection of coral pinnacles leads divers from the coral wall to a large sheltered bend inhabited by many fish living among the table corals that grow in abundance here.

A rocky peninsula and three coral islands protect the inner lagoon from strong currents and provide an excellent starting place from which to explore the area, spy on the local barracuda and even venture further out to the kilometer long "Little Canyon".

   SHOE STAMP *** 
Entrance from coral plataeu throu the fantastic underwater tunnel. After swim throu 20 m long tunnel you will exit ont he wall at the depth 5 m.

9. EEL GARDEN **** 
Hauntingly beautiful sandy slope where burrowing eels emerge to sway rhythmically in the current among a background of vibrant shallow coral and sea life.

Overtrafficked and underrated, this Dahab favorite often surprises even local veterans with graceful turtles, large Napoleon fish, and elusive groupers among its coral pinnacles and farther "beyond the saddle" stretches.

  HOUSE REEF (Bannerfish Bay or Dahab Bay or Ghazala Bay) *** Our House Reef in front of dive center. Excellent for first Check Dive and for courses from bigginers till technical divers. There is an artificial reef from ceramic potery and grass slope around with many small macro creatures. Sandy slope fall down to 80+ meters.  


Similar bottom arrangement to The Lighthouse, Mashraba is good for beginners, refresher dives, and night dives. A sandy slope leads divers to the large pinnacle, Roman's Rock, and farther down to a small arch at 36 meters.

12. ISLANDS *****
An underwater Garden of Eden, two sizable coral islands grow from an unequaled myriad of corals among a dense assortment of such an overflow of sea life that one can find barracuda, clown fish, groupers, Moray Eels, Blue Spotted Rays and much more in the same labyrinth passageways.

Another underwater island only 250 meters from "The Islands," this island stretches for more then 300 meters at a depth of 8 to 25 meters. With a lesser traffic flow than the nearby "Islands", Fourth Island benefits from a larger population of fish. One can reach this site by brisk swim from the shore or easily by small boat. .

Napoleon himself never dived here, but this is the home of many of the fish that share his name. Most often done as a drift dive from a boat, the current carries you along a sandy ridge with many hard and soft corals. Fish abound, Eagle Rays make their quick appearances, Scorpion fish lurk and returning to the boat will go far far better than Waterloo.

Though not a mirage this dive site will leave you thirsty for more. Best done as a drift dive towards Three Pools, many interesting spots along the way wait for the observant diver. This particular drift dive can be started at another entry point, such as Shark's Cave which oddly enough has neither sharks nor a cave, to provide a greater variety.

16. THREE POOLS **** 
After an easy entrance through three sandy patches sunk into the coral, one finds a gently sloping expanse of hard coral stretching away into the blue. Fan corals rise up gracefully further down the slope below 20 meters. With little current and little obstruction it's easy to explore the coralscape and gaze at the inhabitants to your heart's content, or at least until your DM heads you back to the exit.

18. UM SID *** 
Weave your way among huge coral pinnacles and rocks towards the deep blue where it just might be possible to spy the ghostly shadow of a shark.

19. THE CAVES***With no real coral platforms the two large caverns lie just beneath the rocky shore. Both feature black and other soft coral growing in the caverns, even hanging from the ceiling. A variety of fish swim among the corals, some even performing occasional acrobatics by swimming upside down along the ceiling - tipping is not necessary and feeding forbidden either way.

  SHAHERA *** 
Don't be dismayed by the smelly, grunting camels departing from this site on safari south to Gabr el Bint, there'll be more when you exit. Drop over the coral wall and head roughly 50 meters across the flat sandy bottom to a wide coral barrier composed of hard corals with many of the "cabbage" corals seen to the right. .

Long known, but the omission site. A small gap in the coral plateau with sandy bottom at a depth of about 15 m. From the gap you can swimm throu jagged gate-tunnel to the open sea, like the throu Blue Hole Arch. Outside is beautiful, coral reef, rugged, yet not destroyed with plenty of fish.

20. FAN FOREST ***** 
Enjoy a swim over a large open canyon before getting to the heart of this fantastic site. Literally hundreds of fan coral wave in the current along a falling slope for as far as the eye can see. Large black coral provide relief in a collection of big yellow fans surpassing even that of Ras Mohammed.

21. GABR EL BINT ***** 
Pass by the hard coral wall and large rocks, taking in along the way many kinds of beautiful coral. At the halfway point cross up and over the wall's ridge framing a sheltered lagoon. The ridge itself is composed of hard and then soft coral, many of which it is hard to find elsewhere in Dahab. Turtles often join the crocodile fish and schools of fish that roam the lagoon . On the way to the exit a diver with sharp eyes has a chance of spotting a shark or some of the large grouper that live in the area.

22. "SHAT DABOUR" ***** (Nabeq Area)
23. END OF THE ROAD **** (Nabeq Area)
24.RAS TANTOUR **** (Nabeq Area)

Ras Mamlach, Dahab

Ras Abu Gallum, Dahab

Bells, Dahab

Blue Hole Dahab

Risck`s Reef, Dahab


Eel Garden, Dahab


Napoleon Reef

Gabr el Bint, Dahab


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